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Donna Purcell, KC, Lawyer and Chief Innovation Officer of Donna Purcell QC Law spoke to the Manufacturing & Export Enhancement (MEE) cluster. See the full article here.

As Bronze Sponsors of the SmartMTX, Donna leads a cloud-based full-service law firm that serves clients throughout Alberta and beyond. Donna elaborates “Our firm offers timely and cost-effective services and we meet the client where they are, including in-person and through videoconferencing.” DPQC Law believes in implementing smart collaborative strategies with their clients, helping them drive business model transformation through strategic innovation and growth. Donna is one of Canada’s top 5 Most Influential Lawyers and Changemaker (2021). She is presenting Day-2 on the Main Stage. Her talk is entitled “Legal Insights for Smart Manufacturing Companies”, where she will delve into key legal issues and diligence in protecting your business and its products.

The lawyers who make up their innovative team have experience starting and operating a business, including founder, Donna Purcell, KC, who started her cloud-based hybrid law firm in 2020. She explains “We have experience being in the trenches as entrepreneurs, in pitching to investors, raising finances, applying for grants, securing research partnerships, developing new technologies, and commercializing new products.”

Q: What’s your main reason for exhibiting at SmartMTX?
A: We want to connect with local business leaders and entrepreneurs who are helping to shape the future of central Alberta and who share our passion for change and innovation along with established entrepreneurs seeking to stay competitive in a quickly evolving global environment.

Q: Who do you want to connect with at the show and why?
A: We want to connect with business and entrepreneurs who operate in a complex legal environment and yet may not be aware of the key legal considerations that govern evolving business needs.

Q: What solution(s) are you exhibiting and who are they designed for?
A: Our strength is in our diverse legal professionals who are leaders and entrepreneurs themselves. In our presentation, we will highlight some key legal insights on topics that include starting and operating a business, intellectual property protection, financing and grants, employment law, privacy, cybersecurity and data protection, and key contracts. At our booth, we are available to address the specific legal topics of concern to attendees

Q: What customer pain points are you solving and why?
A: Businesses and entrepreneurs who operate or are thinking of operating in the smart manufacturing sector need to be able to navigate a complex legal landscape that intersects with several areas of law. We hope they will benefit from us highlighting some key legal considerations that govern their concerns. Crucial early mistakes can be avoided with the proper foresight, planning, and due diligence and growing businesses need to pivot as needed to address new challenges.

Q: What is the advantage of your solution over the competition?
A: At Donna Purcell QC Law we focus on simplicity and flexibility. We have transparent and competitive prices, offer a high quality of service, and are available for our clients when and where they need us. As leaders in digital transformation, whether clients are leading edge or just trying to keep up with the pace of change, we are there to support them.

Donna Purcell QC Law is committed to be as driven by innovation as their entrepreneurial clients. For more information on Donna Purcell QC Law visit Follow them on linked on LinkedIn, or contact them directly at [email protected].

This article is of an informational nature only and should not be relied upon as business, legal, or other professional advice. It is not exhaustive of the possible rights or remedies available to you. Laws may change over time and the those listed above may not be up to date. This article and all materials provided are not intended to be relied upon without further consultation. Readers should consult a legal professional for specific advice in any particular situation. Please Contact Us to set up a consultation. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

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