COVID-19 Protocols


At our offices we are following public health directives, including following social distancing protocols and taking practical steps to limit the social contacts that occur in our work space. 

Here’s what this means for you:

  1. At this point, we are only scheduling in-person meetings with existing clients that require documents to be witnessed by their lawyer. For the time being, we are holding all other meetings, including introductory consultations, by phone or Zoom.
  2. We will endeavour to schedule only one in-person appointment at a time in our office in order to ensure that we can keep you safe and comply with social distancing protocols. If it is necessary that there be more than one meeting at a time, we will ensure that each client is able to safely distance.  Please do not arrive early for your appointment as we cannot accommodate people in our waiting area at this time.
  3. When you arrive, please have your mask on inside the building and sanitize upon entry. We require that you wear a mask at all times during your appointment. We will do the same. If you do not have a mask, we can provide you with one.
  4. We ask that verify that you don’t have COVID-19 or experiencing any COVID-19  symptoms and that you have not been in contact with anyone that has COVID-19 or COVID-19  symptoms.
  5. We are limiting appointment duration to keep in-person exposure to a minimum.
  6. Although we have excellent coffee, we will not be able to offer any to you at this time.
  7. We will book appointments with enough time in between to allow us to thoroughly clean and disinfect the meeting space between appointments.
  8. For the time being, please don’t bring anyone with you to your appointment at our office. If you need personal support during your meeting, please let us know ahead of time so we can make appropriate arrangements to have that person attend by video conference.
  9. If you have any COVID-19-like symptoms or are sick in any other way, please do not come to your appointment. We are more than prepared to reschedule your visit to ensure that possible transmission of COVID-19 is minimized.  When we are once again able to have in-person initial consultations, we will waive our cancellation fee should you be unable to attend for precautionary health reasons.

While there will always be some risk, we believe that these protocols will help to create a safe environment for our clients and staff members.
We look forward to continuing to help you.  If you have any questions about our COVID safety protocols, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.