Disruptive Digital Transformation and Business Law

Donna C. Purcell, Q.C. & Ronke Omorodion, “Disruptive Digital Transformation and Business Law” (2022) #16 Womanition at 30.

Donna Purcell, K.C. – I am the founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Donna Purcell QC Law (drop by our head office in Gasoline Alley). Established in 2020, my cloud-based full-service law firm includes a focus on supporting small to medium sized new and established businesses with their business law needs. We seek to facilitate their ability to maximize their potential, support their employees, protect their intellectual property, engage in digital marketing, and scale when ready to do so. A tireless advocate for equality and diversity, I abandoned the standard law firm model to allow for the agility to transform the delivery of legal services, taking advantage of the innovation possible in this digital revolution. As a client first law firm, we meet you where you are in terms of your needs.

I am a legal tech evangelist and was voted top five changemaker by Canadian Lawyer Magazine in 2021. Innovation and technology will allow us to ensure the rule of law continues to be enforceable in a global economy and democratize access to justice. Virtual attendance options and digital signatures reduce the expensive physical infrastructure needed.

I recently graduated from the Harvard Business Analytics Program, aimed at leading disruptive transformation. My global colleagues from all industries help me expand my horizons.

Ronke Omorodion – After almost a decade of being known as the entrepreneur’s lawyer in Nigeria, my husband and I decided to take advantage of the opportunities afforded in Canada and I was fortunate to join Donna Purcell QC Law as the Calgary Managing Lawyer.

Earlier in my career, I discovered that most entrepreneurs were unaware of the legal intricacies of running a business and making mistakes that could ruin their businesses. My passion for delivering innovative legal solutions to entrepreneurs led me to focus on business law and intellectual property protection.

Asides from being a business lawyer, I help protect people’s financial assets by providing estate planning advice and making sure that their family members are well provided for when they pass on. This is done by preparing their Will, Power of Attorney and Personal Directive.

Written by: Donna Purcell, K.C. and Ronke Omorodion published in Womantion Magazine.

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