Darla Hildebrant

Darla Hildebrant


Darla Hildebrant is the Client Relations Lead for Donna Purcell QC Law and interacting with clients is what she enjoys most about her job. Darla started working for Donna Purcell QC Law in August of 2020. Prior to this, she worked for Donna at another Law Firm for over a quarter of a century.

Darla wows the firm’s clients with her distinctive voice and professional service. She has performed a few voiceovers for companies in the past.

Darla is a Violinist, playing the Suzuki Violin (Classical Music), and she loves listening to Classical Music while working. Her favourite meal is pasta, with sashimi and dim sum being a close second and third. She likes making crafts with wreaths being her favourite.

Darla takes pride in working with the firm’s clients.