Elza Iverson




Elza first discovered her interest in law during high school while taking an elective class in corporate law.  She entered the legal field as a junior legal assistant at a personal injury law firm in Edmonton.  Since then, she has advanced her career and is experienced not just in Personal Injury but also in Civil Litigation, Family Law, Administrative Law, Corporate Law and Wills. 

It is said that variety is the spice of life and Elza enjoys the diversity of working in the legal field.  One can never be bored working in this field and if you are, then you’re not doing it right.  When Elza met Donna Purcell, she was impressed with Ms. Purcell’s knowledge of the law, her organizational skills, office procedures, and the virtual aspect of her law practice. 

When not working, Elza enjoys spending time with her two children, hanging out with her dog, Lila, reading, taking trips to BC to visit family and even enjoys a couple of computer games.  

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