Kaley Waddell

Kaley Waddell


Kaley Waddell completed her legal assistant program online while traveling through Southeast Asia. She started her travels (along with her laptop and schoolbooks) in Indonesia where she taught English to children at an elementary school in a small village known as Pejeng. After completing her teaching assignment, she went on to Thailand, Nepal, and India before returning to Canada to complete her practicum. Upon the completion of her practicum, Kaley was hired on to Donna Purcell’s team. Kaley is grateful to have Donna Purcell as a mentor and embraces the challenges in the legal work environment that motivate her to establish new skills and continue to expand her knowledge.

Outside of the office, Kaley is a certified yoga teacher, is working to become fluent in ASL, and is studying for her degree in Psychology.

Kaley is passionate about travel, hiking, and playing piano.