About Us


Founded by Donna Purcell, K.C., a top 25 lawyer and changemaker, Donna Purcell QC Law is a client-first and innovative Alberta-wide law firm with offices in Gasoline Alley, Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton. Our firm offers timely and cost effective services and we meet the client where they are, including in-person and through videoconferencing. As a trailblazer in digital transformation, DPQC Law is capable of offering legal services at our fifth ‘location’ — through the cloud. 


We focus on simplicity and flexibility to provide a client-first experience in a modern law firm, striving to improve access to legal representation and the justice system through innovation and digital transformation.


The Client First

We believe our first order of business is addressing our clients' legal challenges and opportunities to assist them in achieving their goals.

Planet, People, Profit

A modern law firm balances building a thriving business with the sustainability of the earth and the well-being of our human resources, clients, and communities. 

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

We are committed to being a law firm that provides equal opportunities, allows for diverse viewpoints, and encourages a sense of value and empowerment in our clients and people. 

Access to Justice

The legal profession must adapt to changing times and strive to grant everyone access to representation, through innovative processes and technologies, while developing collaborative partnerships with communities and governments.

Digital Transformation

We strive to be a leader in driving innovation and change, by adopting and promoting the latest technologies and methods in the legal and justice system.