Municipal & Public Sector Law

Donna Purcell Q.C. Law is excited to offer services in the area of Municipal Law. Our team can offer services that relate to:

  • municipal borrowing
  • purchases and sales of assets and personal property
  • software and intellectual property licensing
  • independent contractor and service agreements
  • service/supply agreements
  • operating agreements
  • management agreements

Our team also has experience in the drafting, review, revision, and assist in the administration of:

  • utility bylaws
  • road and transportation bylaws
  • nuisance, animal and pet bylaws
  • off-site levy bylaws
  • special tax bylaws
  • local improvement tax bylaws
  • borrowing and lending bylaws
  • road closure bylaws
  • any and all other bylaws contemplated or possible under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act and its regulations.

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